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Released: 2007
Production Code:
Production Label: Stumble Records / Dine Alone Records

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   Disc 1
1The Carps - All The Things I Know
2From Man, In Ghost - For Conditioned Voices
3Fucked Up - David Comes To Life
4Erick Von Erick and the Raving Psyco's - An Ode To Boobies (In D Minor)
5God Made ME Funky - Won More Time (feat Thrust)
6McKenna - Guinness For Two
7Million Dollar Marxists - Comma Come On
8Attack In Black - Young Leaves
9Ceremonial Snips - Gazebo of Love
10Crush Luther - City Girl
11Ten Second Epic - Old Habits Die Hard
12Bramwell & The Leftovers - Monkey
13Baked - Quit Yo Job
14Rufus - Sex On The Beach
15Brown Brigade - Purebread
16The Decay - No One Else
17Rad Affair - All Our Uses
18Dead and Devine - The Bronze Goddess
19The Februarys - Rock And Roll's Enemy
20The Junction - Put The Hammer Down
21Roz Bell - Cali Cry
22Unbelievers - Medium At Best
23Ramp Locals - Bullshit

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   Notes: Official compilation of the 2007 Scene Music Festival held in St.Catharines ON. Presented by MTV.ca. Crush Luther appears courtesy of High 4 Records.

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