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Released: 2011-01-01
Production Label: Cleopatra Records

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1The Time Is Now (Wrestling Theme Song) (3:14)
2Round & Round (From the film The Wrestler) - Stephen Pearcy (4:31)
3To Be Loved (Wrestling Theme song) (3:04)
4Kung Fu Fighting - Cee Lo Green (2:28)
5Booyaka 619 (Wrestling Theme song) (3:17)
6Metal Health (Band Your Head) (Re-Recorded / Remastered) - Quiet Riot (5:16)
7Metalingus (Wrestling Theme song) (4:19)
8Fight For Your Right (A Tribute To Beastie Boys) (0:30)
9Bringin Da Hood (Wrestling Theme song) (3:44)
10Fight To Survive - Great White (5:15)
11Here Comes the Money (Wrestling Theme song) (2:56)
12Fight The Good Fight - Triumph (6:20)
13Voices (Wrestling Theme song) (3:19)
14The Darkest Side (Wrestling Theme song) (3:19)
15Rescue Me (Wrestling Theme song) (3:11)
16Light a Fire (Wrestling Theme song) (4:21)
17Eye Of The Tiger (Made Famous by Survivor) (0:30)
18No More Words (Wrestling Theme song) (4:29)
19To Be Loved (Wrestling Theme song) (3:04)
20Hunt You Down (Wrestling Theme song) (3:35)
21Sexy Boy (Wrestling Theme song) (2:37)
22S.O.S (Wrestling Theme song) (3:32)
23Slow chemicals (Wrestling Theme song) (3:17)
24Unbreakable (Wrestling Theme song) (3:21)
25I Walk Alone (Wrestling Theme song) (4:05)
26I Wont Do What You Tell Me (Wrestling Theme song) (3:47)
27Adam and Patrick "Wrestling Champion" (2:12)
28Beat It (A Tribute To Michael Jackson) (0:30)
29Metalingus (Wrestling Theme Instrument Version) (4:19)
30Rescue Me (Wrestling Theme Instrument Version) (3:11)
31Light a Fire (Wrestling Theme Instrument Version) (4:22)
32No More Words (Wrestling Theme Instrument Version) (4:29)
33Hunt You Down (Wrestling Theme Instrument Version) (3:35)
34Sexy Boy (Wrestling Theme Instrument Version) (2:37)
35Slow Chemicals (Wrestling Theme Instrument Version) (3:17)
36Unbreakable (Wrestling Theme Instrument Version) (3:21)
37I Walk Alone (Wrestling Theme Instrument Version) (4:04)
38Adam and Patrick "Wrestling Champion" (Wrestling Theme Instrument Version) (2:12)
39Voices (Wrestling Theme Instrument Version) (3:17)
40Booyaka 619 (Wrestling Theme Instrument Version) (3:17)

Total Length: 136:04
   Notes: Cover versions performed by Ultimate Fight Club Players

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