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Released: 1988-09-21
Production Code: K20H-4516
Production Label: King Record Co., Ltd.

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   Side A
1Honō no Fighter (Part 1) / Ali Bom-Ba-Ye 1 (Antonio Inoki Theme)
2Dragon Suplex (Tatsumi Fujinami Theme)
3Western Lariat (Stan Hansen Theme)
4Beautiful Flight (Kengo Kimura Theme)
5Fukeyo Kaze, Yobeyo Arashi / One Of These Days (Abdullah the Butcher Theme)
6Moeyo Arawashi (Seiji Sakaguchi Theme)
7Kakuto Seisho (Yoshiaki Fujiwara Theme)
8Sky High (Mil Mascaras Theme)

   Side B
1Chinese Kung-Fu (Jumbo Tsuruta Theme)
2Ashura (Ashura Hara Theme)
3Saber Tiger (Tiger Jeet Singh Theme)
4Fuunji's Theme (Sparking Flash) (Akira Maeda Theme)
5Giant Press (Andre the Giant Theme)
6Skydiver (Rusher Kimura Theme)
7Spinning Toe-Hold (The Funks Theme)
8Power Hall (Riki Choshu Theme)

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