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Released: 1990-10-25
Production Code: VITL-23002
Production Label: Invitation

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   Side A
1Keiji Muto Theme: Hold Out <Original · Osamu Suzuki> (3:25)
2Shinya Hashimoto Theme: Bakushō Sengen <Original> (3:43)
3Masahiro Chono Theme: Fantastic City <Original> (3:28)
4Jushin Liger Theme: Ikari no Jushin <Cover Version> (3:25)
5Tatsumi Fujinami Theme: Rising <Original> (3:29)
6Riki Choshu Theme: Power Hall <Cover Version> (2:42)
7Antonio Inoki Theme: Honō no Fighter <Cover Version> (2:45)

   Side B
1Stan Hansen Theme: Sunrise <Cover Version> (2:59)
2Big Van Vader Theme: Eyes Of The World <Cover Version> (6:47)
3Danny Spivey Theme: Bloody Killer <Cover Version> (4:18)
4Red Bull Gundan Theme: The Red Spectacles <Cover Version> (2:23)
5Yoshiaki Yatsu Theme: Comin' Home <Cover Version> (3:49)
6Jumbo Tsuruta Theme: J <Cover Version> (2:33)
7Giant Baba Theme: Ōja no Tamashii <Cover Version> (4:17)

Total Length: 50:03
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