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Released: 2024-03-22
Production Label: Moore To Life Ent.

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1Wrestle Rhythms Triumphant Intro (feat. Tim Kitzrows) [DJ SillyKid Mix] (1:35)
2Heart of a Warrior 2 (Roman Reigns Theme) [DJ SillyKid Mix] - Monteasy & Jon Connor (1:37)
3The Jet (Kevin "the Jet" Knight Theme) [Dj SillyKid Mix] (1:22)
4Bout Mine (Malik Bosede Theme) [DJ SillyKid Mix] (1:48)
5Culture Inc. (Culture Inc. Theme) [Dj Sillykid Mix] (1:57)
6Take Flight (Sammy Guevara Theme) [DJ SillyKid Mix] (2:21)
7Sniper (O'Shay Edwards Theme) [Dj SillyKid Mix] (1:54)
8Caged (Brian Cage Theme) [DjSillyKid Mix] (1:31)
9Drolix (Drolix Theme) [DjSillyKid Mix] (2:41)
10Roman Reigns (Heart of a Warrior) [Dj SillyKid Mix] (2:45)
11S.O.S. (Sons of Samoa Theme) [Dj SillyKid Mix] (2:43)
12Orange Cassidy (Same Ole G) [Orange Cassidy Theme] (feat. Freysh) [Dj SillyKid Mix] (2:11)
13Second Nature (Charlotte Flair Theme) [Dj SillyKid Mix] - Monteasy & Jon Connor (2:41)
14Energy (Sammy Guevara Theme) [Dj SillyKid Mix] (2:41)
15Swerve (feat. Zai Gyros) [Dj SillyKid Mix] (3:07)
16Trust Me (Jake the Snake Roberts Theme) [Bonus] (1:45)

Total Length: 34:39
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