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Released: 1983
Production Code: RNLP 813
Production Label: Rhino Records

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   Side 1
1Sign On Sermonette (1:00)
2Hey Fred (3:50)
3Ezy Lisnin' (Recorded live at the Blassie Bar) (2:42)
4Thank Heaven Those Awful Pains Are Gone * (0:37)
5Blassie, King of Men (3:14)
6Where There's Blood, There's Blassie (Locker Room Royale) (2:38)

   Side 2
1Thongmania! (The Dawn of Martial Arts in America; featuring Mr. Moto) * (1:32)
2Pencil Neck Geek (4:32)
3T-O-L-O-S Spells Trouble! (Featuring Maniac John Tolos; Recorded Live at the Blassie Bar) (3:18)
4Loser Leaves Town (Featuring Mr. Moto) * (0:43)
5Geek's Revenge (3:26)
6Thank you Elsa Maxwell (0:48)
7The Title Upset (1:23)
8Bummer At the Blassie Bar (Featuring Maniac John Tolos) (2:38)

Total Length: 32:21
   Notes: * Original rare recordings from the early 60s, long considered lost - may include some tape or audience hiss.

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