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Released: 1986-05-01
Production Code: VDR-1189
Production Label: Victor Musical Industries, Inc.

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   Disc 1
1Power Hall (Chōshū Riki no Theme) (2:38)
2Eye of the Tiger (H. Hogan no Theme) (3:41)
3J (J. Tsuruta no Theme) (2:31)
4Immigration Songs (B. Brody no Theme) (2:54)
5Still I'm Sad (Takada Nobuhiko no Theme) (3:33)
6Sunrise (S. Hansen no Theme) (2:57)
7Ōja no Tamashī (G. Baba no Theme) (4:15)
8Spinning Toe Hold (The Funks no Theme) (2:47)
9Giant Press (Andre the Giant no Theme) (3:34)
10Lady Fantasy (D. Murdoch no Theme) (1:55)
11Iron Man (R. Warriors no Theme) (6:06)
12Dragon ・ Suplex (Fujinami Tatsumi no Theme) (2:54)
13The Heat Goes On (Cobra no Theme) (5:10)
14Thunder Storm (Tenryu Genichiro no Theme) (2:55)
15Honō Fighter (A. Inoki no Theme) (2:43)
16Magic (D. Kid no Theme) (2:41)
17Yankee Station (G. Kabuki no Theme) (2:57)

Total Length: 56:11
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