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Released: 2022-12-23
Production Code: HPGD284
Production Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

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   Disc 1
1I'm Just Gonna Let Myself In (3:09)
2Mangled Bodies (2:11)
3I Don't Want To Hurt You, I Just Want To Kill You (3:03)
4I Keep Hearing Noises In Your Basement (2:14)
5Suicide By Cop (3:03)
6Human Offals (2:48)
7Stabbing People (2:28)
8Let's See What's In Those Pockets (3:17)
9I Have A House Full Of Guns (2:50)
1021 Nails (2:44)
11Where's My Fucking Money (2:51)
12Orgy Of Violence (2:50)
13Rabies Is A Killer* (3:43)

Total Length: 37:11
   Notes: * Bonus track.

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