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Released: 2022-08-10
Production Code: KICS-4077
Production Label: King Records

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   Disc 1
1TV Asahi Sports Theme
2Opening Call / Call: Kero Tanaka
3Honõ no Fighter - Antonio Inoki and Fighters
4Antonio Inoki Call / Call: Kero Tanaka
5Genkidesuka 1·2·3 Daah
6Road - Antonio Inoki
7Saber Tiger / Call: Baisho Ring Announcer ~ Kero Tanaka
8Giant Press / Call: Kero Tanaka
9Western Lariat / Call: Kero Tanaka
10Moeyo Ara Washi (Seiji Sakaguchi Theme) / Call: Kero Tanaka
11"World Pro-Wrestling" Original Tee - World Pro-Wrestling Band
12Dragon Call Live Recording / Baisho Ring Announcer
13Dragon Suplex - JOE
14Asahi ni Eikõ Are
15Junior Heavyweight Championship / Call: Kero Tanaka
16The Room (BRAIN WASH) - Rick Wakeman
17Enter the champion! / Call: Kero Tanaka
18Moero! Hoero! Tiger Mask / Call: Ichiro Furudate
19Junior Heavyweight Championship Player Call / Call: Kero Tanaka
20Strong Hug

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