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Released: 2022-07-29
Production Code: CONCHAIRTO012
Production Label: Conchairto Records

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   Disc 1
1Pro Wrestling EAST Main Theme "E.A.S.T." by LXE (2:01)
2Frank Fiott "Fawning" by Goldbume (4:57)
3Sanj Surati "Chug the Bug" by Anonymous Tip (3:04)
4Charli Evans "Live in Dread, Girl" by ghosts of sadako (3:05)
5Kyle Fletcher "Aim High" by Lay it on the Line (2:16)
6Peter Nixon "Old School Expulsion 2020" by Portland Big Ones (1:48)
7Will Kroos "The Headline" by Boy Took Flight Productions (1:33)
8RJ Singh "Singh is King" by Chris Bevan* (2:43)
9Beau Belles "The Last One Out" by Lay it on the Line (3:06)
10Truman Roswell "Know Me" by LXE (3:17)
11Scotty Rawk "Gatur" by ORPHVN* (3:11)
12UK Pitbulls "Pitbulls on Parade" by Dynamite and Dinosaurs (2:12)
13Jetta "Nobody Does it Jetta" by Boy Took Flight Productions (1:42)
14Out of the Ashes Show Theme "Phoenix" by Phinius Gage (2:43)

Total Length: 37:38
   Notes: * Previously Unreleased

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