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Released: 2022-06-03
Production Code: HPGD273
Production Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

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   Disc 1
1#dangersteak (0:34)
2Making Towns, Brother (0:34)
3Once In A Lifetime, For A Second Time (0:33)
4Floss And Superglue (0:22)
5It’s Still Real To Me Dammit (0:24)
63 Peat (0:30)
7Scramble Bunkhouse Deathmatch (0:32)
8Matsuhausen: Very Nice, Very Danger (0:20)
9Caribbean Barbed Wire Spider Net Glass Crash Death Match (0:26)
10Born In Wire (0:35)
11Curse Of The Barbed Wire Bat (0:22)
12Abby’s BBQ Pyramid Scheme (0:29)
13Zandig vs. Danzig (0:28)
14If You Want A Vinyl Release, Do It Yourself Mark (0:22)
15Tremont’s Revenge (0:33)

Total Length: 7:04
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