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Released: 2020-07-31
Production Label: Lsp, LLC

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1Tired of Waiting (feat. Ouija Macc & Death Plus) (3:37)
2Cleanup (feat. Damien Quinn & Donnie Menace) (4:46)
3Unforgiven (feat. Bloodshot) (4:12)
4Chistka (feat. MC Val) (4:03)
5Say Your Goodbyes (feat. Rozz Dyliams) (2:40)
6Mind of a Killa (feat. Twiztid) (3:27)
7It Could Be You (feat. Smallz One & Insane Poetry) (4:13)
8Sadistic Inhumane Compulsive Killings (feat. Reznik) (3:25)
9What Is Dead (May Never Die) [feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie & Rozz Dyliams] (3:49)
10Soul 2 Keep (feat. Frodo the Ghost) (2:53)
11Let the Sleeping Dogs Lie 2020 (feat. Insane Poetry & Bukshot) (4:54)
12Rest When Im Dead (feat. Jp Tha Hustler & Boondox) (3:41)
13Deaths You Die (feat. Bake Lo) (3:05)
14Bad Dayz (feat. Cody Manson) (3:48)
15Redrum Diary (Unsubs Edition) [feat. Insane Poetry, Gravedog, Morbyd & Skitzomichigan] (5:36)

Total Length: 58:09
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