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Released: 2022-04-28
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1Blood And Glory (Thunder Rosa Instrumental) (2:09)
2I Am (Keith Lee Instrumental) (3:01)
3All About Tha (BOOM!) [Adam Cole Instrumental] (3:03)
4Men Of The Year (Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page Instrumental) (2:31)
5I Am Proud, I Am Powerful (Santana & Ortiz Instrumental) (4:05)
6P-P-P-P-Powerhouse (Powerhouse Hobbs Instrumental) (2:06)
7Kiss The Ring (Sonny Kiss Instrumental) (2:50)
8Hands Of Stone (Anthony Ogogo Instrumental) (2:31)
9Triangulo de la Muerte (Death Triangle Instrumental) (2:15)
10Walk Of Fame (Ryan Nemeth Instrumental) (1:49)
11This Is War (Wardlow Instrumental) (3:09)
12First Class (Top Flight Instrumental) (2:21)
13City Lights (Varsity Blonds Instrumental) (2:30)
14Cold World (Eddie Kingston Instrumental) (2:49)
15Personal Invite (OG Private Party Instrumental) (2:47)
16My Time To Fly (Matt Sydal Instrumental) (2:04)
17Join Us (Dark Order Instrumental) (3:13)
18I Got Em Hurt (Jake Hager Instrumental) (2:30)
19Superbad Girl (Penelope Ford Instrumental) (2:30)
20Zero Miedo (Lucha Bros Instrumental) (2:43)
21Battle Cry (Kenny Omega Instrumental) (4:15)

Total Length: 57:11
   Notes: All songs composed and performed by Mikey Rukus, except track 21, which was composed by James "Little V" Mills.

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