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Released: 2013-04-09
Production Label: 8-Bit Arcade

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1ActRaiser (Main Title Theme) (1:47)
2Advance Wars (Andy's Theme) (4:42)
3Advance Wars (Drake's Theme) (2:39)
4Advance Wars (Eagle's Theme) (1:07)
5Advance Wars (Grit's Theme) (2:54)
6Advance Wars (Nell's Theme) (2:50)
7Advance Wars (Olaf's Theme) (3:44)
8Advance Wars (Sami's Theme) (2:50)
9Advance Wars (Sonja's Theme) (3:36)
10Advance Wars (Sturm's Theme) (3:42)
11Animal Crossing (Main Theme) (1:14)
12Ape Escape (Title Theme) (2:11)
13Banjo Tooie (Bluegrass Remix Theme) (0:55)
14Banjo Kazooie (Intro Theme) (1:03)
15Banjo Kazooie (Main Theme) (1:03)
16Batman (Main Game Theme) (3:44)
17Batman Returns (Main Game Theme) (0:51)
18Bladerunner (Main Game Theme) (2:15)
19Blaster Master (Intro Theme) (1:19)
20Bomberman 64 (Main Theme) (2:29)
21Brave Fencer Musashi (The Journey Begins) [Main Theme] (2:56)
22Breath of Fire (Battle Theme) (2:58)
23Breath of Fire (Boss Theme) (2:25)
24Breath of Fire (Field Theme) (5:14)
25Breath of Fire (Forest Theme) (2:50)
26Breath of Fire (Overworld Theme) (5:12)
27Breath of Fire (Town Theme) (3:16)
28California Games (Main Theme) (1:29)
29Castlevania 64 (Menu Theme) (1:16)
30Castlevania II (Main Theme) (1:22)
31Castlevania IV (Main Theme) (1:54)
32Cool Spot (Main Theme) (2:43)
33Crash Bandicoot Warped (Main Theme) (1:26)
34Desert Strike (Main Theme) (1:32)
35Diddy Kong (Main Theme) (1:10)
36Doom 64 (Main Theme) (0:46)
37Doom II (Running From Evil) [Main Theme] (3:40)
38Doomsday (Main Theme) (0:47)
39Dragon Warrior (Main Title Theme) (1:24)
40Dragon's Fury (Main Title) (3:33)
41Duck Hunt (Main Theme) (1:01)
42Duke Nukem (Main Theme) (3:11)
43Earth Bound (Main Theme) (2:27)
44Eternal Champions (Main Theme) (1:36)
45Final Fantasy II (Main Theme) (3:49)
46Final Fantasy III (Main Theme) (3:29)
47Final Fantasy VII (Main Theme) (6:01)
48Final Fantasy X (Main Menu Theme) (2:27)
49Golden Axe (Main Theme) (1:10)
50Goldeneye 007 (Main Game Theme) (3:32)
51Heroes of Might and Magic II (Intro Theme) (1:10)
52Jazz Jackrabbit (Main Theme) (3:40)
53Mario Kart 64 (Main Theme) (2:44)
54Mario Party (Main Theme) (1:03)
55Mario Party 3 (Main Theme) (0:48)
56Medal of Honor (Main War Theme) (2:28)
57Metal Gear (Intro Theme) (1:03)
58Parasite Eve (Intro Theme) (1:25)
59Pokemon Gold (Team Rocket Theme) (1:29)
60Prince of Persia (Intro Theme) (1:48)
61Revenge of the Mutant Camels (Main Theme) (2:20)
62Skate Or Die (Title Theme) (2:42)
63Star Fox 64 (Main Theme) (1:11)
64Street Fighter II (Akuma Theme) (3:24)
65Street Fighter II (Balrog Theme) (1:06)
66Street Fighter II (Bison Theme) (1:10)
67Street Fighter II (Blanka Theme) (1:15)
68Street Fighter II (Cammy Theme) (1:53)
69Street Fighter II (Chun Li Theme) (1:03)
70Street Fighter II (Dee Jay Theme) (0:49)
71Street Fighter II (Dhalsim Theme) (1:16)
72Street Fighter II (E Honda Theme) (0:39)
73Street Fighter II (Feilong Theme) (0:35)
74Street Fighter II (Guile Theme) (2:17)
75Street Fighter II (Ken Theme) (1:10)
76Street Fighter II (Ryu Theme) (1:35)
77Street Fighter II (Sagat Theme) (0:59)
78Street Fighter II (T Hawk Theme) (1:18)
79Street Fighter II (Vega Theme) (1:16)
80Street Fighter II (Zangief Theme) (1:09)
81Super Mario World 2 (Yoshi's Island) [Main Theme] (1:39)
82Tekken 2 (Main Theme) (1:20)
83Terminator 2 (Main Game Theme) (1:52)
84The Legend of Zelda II (The Adventure of Link) [Main Title Theme] (1:09)
85Tomb Raider (Title Screen Theme) (2:45)
86Warcraft (Intro Theme) (2:47)
87Wario Land (Title Theme) (1:21)
88Wario's Woods (Main Theme) (1:49)
89Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Main Game Theme) (1:26)
90Wizardry I (Opening Theme) (1:40)
91Wizardry II (Opening Theme) (3:19)
92Wizards and Warriors (Main Title Theme) (1:06)
93Wizards and Warriors 2 (Ironsword Main Theme) (1:32)
94Worms (Main Title) (3:38)
95Wrecking Crew (Main Title) (2:59)
96WWF Wrestlemania (Bam Bam Bigelow Theme) (0:57)
97WWF Wrestlemania (Brutus the Barber Beefcake Theme) (1:03)
98WWF Wrestlemania (Hulk Hogan Real American Theme) (2:34)
99WWF Wrestlemania (Randy Savage Theme) (1:29)
100WWF Wrestlemania (Rick Rude Theme) (2:10)
101Zelda (Ocarina of Time) [Main Theme] (1:22)

Total Length: 210:13
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