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Released: 2012-08-09
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1Summerslam [Produced by Lil' Mark On Da Beatz] (4:34)
2Elbows Flyin' (Macho Man) [Produced by G.R.E.G.] (3:42)
3That's What I'm Packin' ft. Los, Lava Izzo, and Lord Sun [Produced by Lil' Mark On Da Beatz] (4:31)
4Hustlemania ft. Lava Izzo [Produced by Lil' Mark On Da Beatz] (5:06)
5Vince McMahon $$$ ft. OC and Chris Millz [Produced by Lil' Mark On da Beatz] (4:13)
6H-Gang Society Freestyle I ft. Kaniq and Perp Diddy (3:34)
7Smackdown ft. Lava Izzo [Produced by C/Razy] (2:43)
8Wingn' It ft. Nitres [Produced by Lil' Mark On Da Beatz] (3:46)
94 Horsemen Freestyle ft. Blackstorm, Jay David, and Lava Izzo (4:43)
10Talledega Nightz ft. Pretty Tony [Produced by Lil' Mark On Da Beatz] (2:56)
11Carolina Fantasy (Remix) ft. Mr. Illy [Produced by Bensik] (5:03)
12Lemonade Wheelz [Produced by Bryce Snow] (5:08)
13HGS Freestyle II ft. Kaniq (4:30)
14What Up Streetz ft. Kaos [Produced by E-Sharp] (3:44)
15Does She [Produced by Lil' Mark On Da Beatz] (3:39)
16Alchemist Freestyle (2:22)
17Monday Night Raw Freestyle No. 5 (4:39)
18Cruisin' Thru The City ft. Mr. Illy and Kaniq [Produced by Lil' Mark On Da Beatz] (3:33)
19Raise Up Freestyle (3:04)

Total Length: 75:30
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