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Released: 2015-10-17
Production Code: KRUMM058
Production Label: Aaahh!!! Real Records

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   Side A
1Crunk Intro (0:46)
3Let's Hope the Weatherman Was Right... (2:06)
4I've Been With Ian For Seven Years and All I Got Was This Lousy Song (0:50)
5Scene of the Crime (Punk Rock Saved My Life) (0:56)
6Frustrated [Demo] (3:26)
7The Summer of "I Win at Life" [Live] (2:18)
8I Wanna be a Pro Wrestler [MC! True iPod Story Remix] (2:29)
9Sk8er Boi [Live] (3:26)
10Complicated [Live] (4:30)
11I'm With You [Live] (4:18)
12Girlfriend [Live] (3:26)

   Side B
1Changes (4:27)
2Call Me Maybe (3:12)
3Hot Topic is Not Punk Rock (2:17)
4The Bad Touch (3:56)
5Real American (3:16)
6The Kings (4:19)
7The Time is Now (2:33)
8Sexy Boy (3:00)
9Into Mexico (1:21)
10Broken Bones (1:44)

Total Length: 60:30
   Notes: Limited edition "pre release" for Cassette Store Day 2015. Exclusive to Relevant Records, Cambridge. Also includes a download code, for all 22 tracks, plus bonus tracks "Intro Tape 2015" and "Outro Tape 2015", which are included in the digital version of the release.

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