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Released: 2021-08-06
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1Living Deliciously (The Masked Femme Entrance Theme) (1:44)
2A Cowboy Introduces The Masked Femme (1:38)
3A Little Cliché (2:17)
4Wrestling Is A Poetry + Fatal Futches Formation (2:24)
5A Match Made In Heaven (The Fatal Futches Entrance Theme) (1:10)
6Small And Mighty (Poppy Squat and Shane Tall Entrance Theme) (0:59)
7The Fatal Futches Storied Career (1:37)
8Bring Le Pain (French Bakers Entrance Theme) (0:36)
9Maths Is Scary (Py-Thug-Arus Theorem Entrance Theme) (0:20)
10Fidget Saaaad (0:35)
11Smells Like Muzak (2:32)
12Voicemails (2:54)
13Terfs R Evil (1:13)
14Come On Then! (Butch's Entrance Theme) (1:56)
15K.O. (1:19)
16The Masked Femme (Living Deliciously Reprise) (1:54)

Total Length: 25:08
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