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Released: 2020-06-02
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1Rep For The Ugly Ducklings (The Ugly Ducklings Entrance) prod by Arsenik (2:41)
2Different Animals (Different Animals Podcast Intro) prod by Phillie Phr3sh (1:00)
3Yams (The GymNasty Boys Entrance) prod by Phillie Phr3sh (3:16)
4Marvelous (Marvelous Mason Mathews Entrance) prod by ADotStar (3:06)
5They're Right (Blaqtus Jack's Entrance) prod by Kevo Beats (4:05)
6The Real Scott (prod by JJ The Jenius) (3:22)
7Uh-Maz-Ing (The Amazing Michael Spencer's Entrance) prod by ADotStar (3:30)
8Do It Best (Patrick Scott's Entrance) prod by Phillie Phr3sh (3:47)
9I'm an Outlaw (JD Drake's Entrance) prod by ADotStar (2:45)
10Put Ya L's Up (Ethan Case's Entrance) prod by ADotStar (3:15)
11The Funny Man (Willy Nilly's Entrance) prod by Phillie Phr3sh (2:40)
12Tie Dye Skyline (James Johnson's Entrance) prod by ADotStar (2:42)
13Indestructible (Johnny Faith's Entrance) prod by ADotStar (3:04)
14CP Waves Podcast Intro (Prod By Phillie Phr3sh) (1:24)
15Drip Drop (MSP's Entrance) Prod by Phillie Phr3sh (3:04)
16Blaze (Paola Blaze Entrance) prod by ADotStar (3:05)
17World Go Round (Vinnie G Entrance) Prod by ADotStar (3:01)
18Punched In The Face (All Worm No Soul Entrance) prod by AdotStar (3:54)
19Clayton Cross Entrance (Prod By Hawkface) (2:33)
20All About Me (Seth Clayton Barnes Entrance) prod by AdotStar (3:14)
21Big Boy Season (Ace Romero Entrance) Prod by AdotStar (3:22)
22No Off Season (Reggie Wayne Entrance) prod by AdotStar (3:18)
23Modern Day Nomad (Brix Porter Entrance) prod by ADotStar (2:53)
24Hang Tyme (Hang Tyme's Entrance) prod by Phillie Phr3sh (3:10)
25The Voodoo Priest (Damien Black's Entrance) prod by ADotStar (2:48)
26Revenge (All Star Wrestling's Revenge Intro) Prod by ADotStar (1:03)

Total Length: 76:02
   Notes: Album was published on 2020 June 2nd. New releases are added periodically.

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