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Released: 2021-03-02
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1Diggin' In My Heels (AEW Heels Theme) ft Tristan McIntosh (3:21)
2Every Trick In The Book (Leva Bates Theme) (2:38)
3The Waiting Room Theme (1:56)
4The Reba Giggle (2:14)
5The Bunny (Allie Theme) (2:35)
6Return Of The Veteran ft Wrestle N Flow & Hot Tag Media (Serena Deeb Theme) (2:02)
7Take A Ride With Me (Kris Statlander 2.0) (2:33)
8Shake Shake (Tay Conti Theme) (2:46)
9Legitimate ft Jaycee Clark (Leyla Hirsch Theme) (2:36)
10Stir It Up (Red Velvet Theme) (2:17)
11We Can Be Kings (KiLynn King Theme) (2:44)
12In The Clip (Diamante Theme) (2:06)
13Silhouette In Smoke (Allysin Kay Theme) (2:53)
14Metal Vickie (1:58)

Total Length: 34:39
   Notes: All songs composed and performed by Mikey Rukus, except track 6, which was composed by Hot Tag - Media Works and Wrestle & Flow.

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