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> Home > Other > Digital Download > Achromatic Residue - TRAPped Inside The System: REDUX DLC 2
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Released: 2017-04-06
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1Introduction (Mega Man X4 PSX) (3:15)
2Base (Contra NES) (1:26)
3Dark World (Monster Party NES) (3:37)
4Still Alive (Mirror's Edge Theme)(Mirrors Edge Multiplatform) (2:30)
5Draculas Castle (Castlevania SOTN PSX) (3:08)
6Imperial March (Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi SNES) (4:28)
7Theme (Legend Of Zelda NES) (2:51)
8Theme (Wizards And Warriors III NES) (3:36)
9Grotesque Figures (Shadow Of The Colossus PS2) (2:43)
10Lower Maridia (Super Metroid SNES) (2:53)
11Ness's Dream (Earthbound SNES) (3:33)
12The Undertaker Entrance Theme ( WWF Royal Rumble SNES) (3:12)
13Laboratory Ruins (Batman NES) (3:04)
14Theme (Terminator 2 SNES) (2:12)
15Sea Of Despair (Super Ghost N Goblins SNES) (2:38)
16Tetris Theme (Tetris And Dr. Mario SNES) (2:44)
17Gym Leader Battle (Pokemon Blue-Red Gameboy) (2:32)
18Theme Of Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid PSX) (2:44)

Total Length: 53:06
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