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> Home > Other > Digital Download > Griff/Scorcese - Midnight Express: The Gusher [Deluxe LP Edition]
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Released: 2020-11-15
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1BXRXNG GXN RXPS ft. Sleep Sinatra (2:58)
2Bobby Seale Ft. Alex Ludovico (3:15)
3DETLEF ft. Eddie Kaine (2:39)
4Marvel VS DC Ft. Zilla Rocca (2:17)
5Ode to Camp Lo Ft. Alaska & DJ Chong Wizard (3:13)
6Survivor Series '92 Ft. Curly Castro (3:23)
7Death on Smoky Mountain Ft. Aasir (3:07)
9DETLEF (RMX) ft. Flashius Clayton (2:38)
10Marvel Vs DC Ft. Zilla Rocca [Remixed by Chumzilla] (3:09)
11Bobby Seale Ft. Alex Ludovico [Remixed by Mighty Healthy] (1:52)
1296 Supersonics (DETLEF RMX) Ft. Eddie Kaine & Flashius Clayton [Produced by Small Pro] (3:01)
13Death on Smokey Mountain ft. Aasir [Remixed by Aasir] (2:53)
14Survivor Series '92 Ft. Curly Castro [Remixed by King Carlow] (3:04)
15Survivor Series '93 Ft. Cryptic One, Tokyo Cigar, & Premrock [ Produced by Jason Griff, Cuts by MoNiklz] (4:50)
16Ode to Camp Lo Ft. Alaska [Remix by Prynce P] (3:18)
17RXCKXT LVXNCHXR [Remixed by Achille] (1:50)
18BXRXNG GXN RXPS Ft. Sleep Sinatra [Remixed by SINAI] (2:45)
1996 Supersonics (DETLEF) Ft. Eddie Kaine & Flashius Clayton [Jason Griff BONUS] (2:46)

Total Length: 55:05
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