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Released: 2020-09-17
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1The World Is Mine (Sammy Guevara 1st AEW Theme) (2:57)
2Jungle Run (Jungle Boy 1st AEW Theme) (2:22)
3Judgement (Superbad Squad AEW Theme) (2:16)
4Glass Tears (Priscilla Kelly AEW Theme) (3:03)
5Here I Come (Mercedes Martinez AEW Theme) (2:36)
6La Cubana (Diamante 1st AEW Theme) (2:32)
7Bunny Rage (Allie 1st AEW Theme) (2:07)
8Skyler Moore AEW Theme (2:31)
9Cassandra Golden AEW Theme (1:52)
10Fallen Angel (Christopher Daniels AEW Theme) (2:57)
11Shazza McKenzie/Shalandra Royal AEW Theme (2:04)
12Private Party (Alternate AEW Theme) (1:55)
13Yuka Sakazaki Fyter Fest AEW Theme (2:26)
14Settle This (Cody-Shawn Spears Promo All Out 2019) (3:32)
15Heart Of The Elite (Original AEW Score) (2:53)

Total Length: 38:03
   Notes: All songs composed and performed by Mikey Rukus.

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