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Released: 2019-06-21
Production Label:

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1Put Your Cups Up! (3:28)
2Gone (feat. Sammus) (2:44)
3The Brood (freestyle) (1:38)
4Deliver The Message (feat. 1UP and Philly) (5:11)
5Fortnite Owes Me Money! (feat. Gameboy Jones and MC Ohm-I) (3:13)
6Old Enough (Remix) [feat. MC Frontalot] (3:17)
7WALTER (feat. Josiah Williams) (3:17)
8Games, Games, Games (3:32)
9The Grind (feat. Penny The Great) (4:03)
10The Lingo (2:24)
11Serotonin (feat. LEX The Lexicon Artist) (3:15)
12Apex Legends (feat. NyteXing, Creative Mind Frame, Professor Shyguy, Murphles, Gizmo, Gameboy Jones & None Like Joshua) (6:29)
13Still Dreaming (feat. O_Super and EyeQ) (3:48)
14Beginnings (3:38)
15Outrun The Sun (feat. SkyBlew) (3:40)
16GODHOOD (3:42)

Total Length: 57:19
   Notes: Track 8 is a free download.

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