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Released: 2017-10-07
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1Soup Kitchen Exclusives Intro By Topcat Aka Apollo Treed (0:41)
2Survival Of Da Illest Ft Amadeus Da Stampede Ft Rizzy Boom (3:40)
3Pain Help Me Think Ft Makempay (2:27)
4Wonder Why Ft Ace Macloco (2:06)
5Memory Lane Benny Candela (2:43)
6Wanted to Forget me Ft Ben Blaze (2:44)
7Inner Critic Ft Topgun (2:51)
8Webster Mentality Ft Mc_Souk (2:31)
9Get Ur Game Up Ft Slip Capone Ft KOI Ft Topgun (5:01)
10Different Dialects Ft Josh Bliss Lighten (4:25)
11Dawn Of A New Age Ft ADG (3:43)
12Pass The Time Ft Ben Blaze (2:07)
13World Is Mine Ft Manny Macgyver (3:20)
14Homerun Ft RootsBoy Ft Stephano ST (3:01)
15Love My Ghetto Ft Hangman (4:03)
16Oh Boi Ft South Da Zoe (BDB) (4:19)

Total Length: 49:42
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