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Released: 1985
Production Code: 40223
Production Label: Epic

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   Side 1
1Land Of 1,000 Dances (The Wrestlers) (5:11)
2Grab Them Cakes (Junkyard Dog) (4:11)
3Real American (Derringer) (3:47)
4Eat Your Heart Out, Rick Springfield (Jimmy Hart) (3:39)
5Capt. Lou's History Of Music/ Capt. Lou (Capt. Lou Albano) (4:17)

   Side 2
1Hulk Hogan's Theme (W.W.F. All Stars) (4:30)
2For Everybody ("Rowdy" Roddy Pipper) (3:13)
3Tutti Frutti (Gene Okerlund) (2:40)
4Don't Go Messin' With A Country Boy (Hill Billy Jim) (2:48)
5Cara Mia (Nikolai Volkov) (3:33)

Total Length: 37:49
   Notes: "Pipper" [sic]; "Hill Billy" [sic]; "Volkov" [sic]

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