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Released: 2015-05-13
Production Code: COCX-39073
Production Label: Nippon Colombia

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   Disc 1
1Come On! Aztec Homogenizer (TV Size) [MONO]
2Shiai kaishi! (M32 T2) (Fresh Fight Soul) [MONO]
3Blinder (M15) (Fresh Fight Soul) [MONO]
4Shōsha no Kagayaki (M-39 T3) (Fresh Fight Soul) [MONO]
5Shuryō Ruā (M5) (Black Mist) [MONO]
6Satandemon (M1) (Black Mist) [MONO]
7Satan Soldier (M3) (Back Mist) [MONO]
8Fearless Challenge (M4) (Black Mist) [MONO]
9Aztec Homogenizer! (M34) (Aztec Homogenizer Nyūjō!) [MONO]
10Demon o Kechira Se! (M22) (Aztec Homogenizer Nyūjō!) [MONO]
11Shining Aztec Star (M28 T2) (Aztec Homogenizer Nyūjō!) [MONO]
12Daijirō no Omoide (M19) (Chikai no Kyōdai) [MONO]
13Shun and Riki (M29) (Chikai no Kyōdai) [MONO]
14Bozen ni Chikau (M21 T2) (Chikai no Kyōdai) [MONO]
15Jimu no Nichijō (M16) (Friends of Toto Wrestling) [MONO]
16We Have To Work Hard (M-46 T2) (Friends of Toto Wrestling) [MONO]
17Subarashiki Otoko-tachi (M-45 T2) (Friends of Toto Wrestling) [MONO]
18Training Continues (M-33 T2) (Friends of Toto Wrestling) [MONO]
19Day-To-Day Of Intensive Training (M-44) (Friends of Toto Wrestling) [MONO]
20Sparring I (M8 T1) (Fate Is Burning) [MONO]
21Shun Of Ordeal (M27 T1) (Fate Is Burning) [MONO]
22Crimson Warrior (M23) (Fate Is Burning) [MONO]
23Eye-Catching (Eye-Catching T3) (Fate Is Burning) [MONO]
24Cyborg Fighting Mechanic (M-36) (Devil Thugs) [MONO]
25Devil Of A Weapon (M-37) (Devil Thugs) [MONO]
26Genkai Semaru! (M - 9) (Devil Thugs) [MONO]
27Come On! Aztec Homogenizer (Instrumental) (M-42) [MONO]
28Yokoku-hen-yō Ongaku (M7’) [MONO]
29Gensan Kazuya (M-50 T1) (Peaceful Landscape) [MONO]
30New Morning (M-54) (Peaceful Landscape) [MONO]
31Ashitanimukatte (M14 T1) (Peaceful Landscape) [MONO]
32Chichi no Omokage (M17) (Surrounded By Children) [MONO]
33While Waiting For The Hero (M18 T1) (Surrounded By Children) [MONO]
34Toshi no Hagemashi (M-47) (Surrounded By Children) [MONO]
35Recollection Of The Champion (M25 T2) (Ani o Omou) [MONO]
36Sorrowful Lullaby (M13) (Ani o Omou) [MONO]
37Someone Is Calling You (M19B) (Ani o Omou) [MONO]
38Training (M21 T1) (Tōto no Jimu ni Tsudoite) [MONO]
39Dream Champion Professional Wrestler! (M-43) (Tōto no Jimu ni Tsudoite) [MONO]
40Toto Wrestling Introduction (M-49 T2) (Tōto no Jimu ni Tsudoite) [MONO]
41Zukkoke Wrestler (M-52D T2) (Tōto no Jimu ni Tsudoite) [MONO]
42Large Melee (M-40) (Tōto no Jimu ni Tsudoite) [MONO]
43Satan Soldier Appearance (M-52B) (Trap Of Black Mist) [MONO]
44Hiretsunaru Keiryaku (M10) (Trap Of Black Mist) [MONO]
45Sparring II (M8 T2) (Trap Of Black Mist) [MONO]
46Dizziness (M-52C) (Anguish And Impatience) [MONO]
47Toshi no Aseri (M6) (Anguish And Impatience) [MONO]
48Behind The Scenes To Black Mist (M-48) (Anguish And Impatience) [MONO]
49Intimidation Of The Demon (M-53) (Anguish And Impatience) [MONO]
50Aztec Homogenizer Of Brave Figure (M-35) (Kyūkō Seyo! Mahhabīto-gō!!) [MONO]
51Tōkon Moyashite (M26 T2) (Kyūkō Seyo! Mahhabīto-gō!!) [MONO]
52Invincible Warrior (M24) (Kyūkō Seyo! Mahhabīto-gō!!) [MONO]
53Hakujitsu no Shikaku (M-52E) (Kyūkō Seyo! Mahhabīto-gō!!) [MONO]
54Formidable Genru (M52A) (Breaking The Fang Demon!) [MONO]
55Attack Of Satan Soldier (M2 T2) (Breaking The Fang Demon!) [MONO]
56Seesawing (M38) (Breaking The Fang Demon!) [MONO]
57The Hard Fought Result (M7) (Breaking The Fang Demon!) [MONO]
58The Ballad Of Aztec Homogenizer (M11 T1) (Satan Demon Exit) [MONO]
59Aztec Homogenizer Ballad II (M11 T2) (Satan Demon Exit) [MONO]
60Fight! Aztec Homogenizer (Instrumental) (M-41) [MONO]
61Fight! Aztec Homogenizer (TV Size) [MONO]

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