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Released: 2011-01-12
Production Code: LLOC-1001
Production Label: Beginners Label

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   Disc 1
1Go! Tiger Mask 2010
2Tiger Retsuden
4Tiger Fight
5Go! Tiger Mask 2010 Ever.
6Chibikko House of Memories
7Melancholy Under Guard
8Coming! Tiger Mask
9Chibikko Our House
10Normal Reach
11TV Long Reach
12Announcement of the Tiger
13Normal Reach -Tiger Version-
14Ruriko Divination Reach
15Fierce Fighting! "Holes of the Tiger"
16Eye-Opening of the Tiger
17"Hole in the Tiger" Thug
18Life of the Fall
19Life of the Fall -Revenge-
20Life of the Fall -3 Count-
21Hand of Looming Demon
22Escape From the Hands of the Demon
23Final Chance
24Soul of Kick
25Tiger RUSH Again
26Battle of the Past
27Further Subsequent Battle With The Past
28The Ends of the Memory
29Conflict of Tiger
30Beleaguered Tiger
31Memory of the Tiger
32Awakened Tiger
33The Road to "Hole in the Tiger"
34Tiger Bonus Fanfare
35Ultra Tiger Bonus Fanfare
36Tiger Bonus BGM -Beginner-
37"Tiger of the Road" Teaching
38Regular Bonus
39Tiger Biographies Karaoke

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