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Released: 2013-01-30
Production Code: STFD-103
Production Label: BM.3

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   Disc 1
1Hana no Michi ~Kana Entrance Theme~ (3:18)
2S Rashiku. O shitoyaka ni ・・・S Ppoi (3:54)
3Sadism ~Triple Tails.S Entrance Theme~ (2:25)
4Sexual Sadism ~Triple Tails.S Main Theme~ (0:51)
5Es ~Triple Tails.S Sound Logo~ (0:22)
6Hana Takemichi ~Kana Professional Main Theme~ (3:01)
7Gōtō Chōchin ~Kana Professional Sound Logo~ (0:12)
8Shijima ~Kana Professional Ending Theme~ (4:31)
9Murasaki Senkō (3:22)
10Hana no Michi WIN ~Kana WINNER Theme~ (2:29)
11Foxy Fighter ~Mio Shirai Entrance Theme~ (2:36)
12S Rashiku. O shitoyaka ni ・・・S Ppoi (Karaoke) (3:56)
13Murasaki Senkō (Karaoke) (3:22)

Total Length: 34:19
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