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Released: 2012-03-25
Production Label: WWE, Inc.

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1Edge (Edge) (3:16)
2On The Edge (Edge) (3:38)
3Blood Brother (Christian) (3:17)
4Just Close Your Eyes (Christian) [feat. Bedlam's Gate] - Previously Unreleased (4:30)
5Fist (DX with Mike Tyson) [feat. Prince Michael] (2:22)
6Are You Ready? (D-Generation X) (2:14)
7Are You Ready? (D-Generation X) [feat. Age Against The Machine] - Previously Unreleased (2:14)
8Horse (Four Horsemen) (3:37)
9Common Man Boogie (Dusty Rhodes) (2:21)
10Damn (Ron Simmons) (3:00)
11Nation of Domination (Faarooq) (3:03)
12Longhorn (JBL) (3:34)
13Sumo (Yokozuna) (2:08)
14So Close Now (The Usos) [feat. David Dallas] (3:11)
15Bad Man (Rikishi) (3:15)
16Realeza (Alberto Del Rio) [feat. Mariachi Real De Mexico] (3:24)

Total Length: 49:04
   Notes: Originally listed to be released on 26th March 2012. Track 6 is glitched. Track 7 is meant to be track 6. All tracks by Jim Johnston. "Common Man Boogie" actually by Jimmy Ray Hart & John J. Maguire.

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