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Released: 2006-12-10
Production Code: VPCC-81533
Production Label: VAP Inc.

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   Disc 1
1Pro-Wrestling NOAH Theme "The Theme Of Pro-Wrestling NOAH" (2004 Version) (3:18)
2Naomichi Marufuji Theme "Hysteric" (3:25)
3Kenta Kobashi Theme "Grand Sword" (3:42)
4Jun Akiyama Theme "Sternness" (2:46)
5Kentaro Shiga Theme "Tradition '05" (New Version) (2:56)
6Go Shiozaki Theme "Keep On Going" (2:27)
7Mushiking Terry Theme "Mushiking Terry's Theme" (4:02)
8Mushiking Joker Theme "Mushiking Joker's Theme" (4:09)
9Akitoshi Saito Theme "Deathtiny" (3:08)
10Takuma Sano Theme "Attack And Release" (2:22)
11Akira Taue Theme "Eclipse" (2:22)
12Mitsuharu Misawa Theme "Spartan X" (Slow Version) ~ "Spartan X" (3:37)
13GHC Heavyweight Theme "Global Honored Crown" (Short Version) (0:34)
14Minoru Suzuki Theme "Kaze ni Nare" / Ayumi Nakamura (5:18)
15Naomichi Marufuji Theme "Hysteric" (Trance Version) (3:49)

Total Length: 47:55
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