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Released: 1986
Production Code: VCF-20061
Production Label: Invitation

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   Side A
1Power Hall (Riki Choshu Theme)
2Eye of the Tiger (H. Hogan Theme)
3J (J. Tsuruta Theme)
4Immigrant Song (B. Brody Theme)
5Still I'm Sad (Nobuhiko Takada Theme)
6Sunrise (S. Hansen Theme)
7Ōja no Tamashii (G. Baba Theme)
8Spinning Toe Hold (Funks Theme)
9Giant Press (Andre the Giant Theme)

   Side B
1Lady Fantasy (D. Murdoch Theme)
2Iron Man (R. Warriors Theme)
3Dragon Suplex (Tatsumi Fujinami Theme)
4The Heat Goes On (Cobra Theme)
5Thunder Storm (Genichiro Tenryu Theme)
6Honō no Fighter (A. Inoki Theme)
7Magic (D. Kid Theme)
8Yankee Station (G. Kabuki Theme)

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