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Released: 1981-10
Production Code: AF-7083-N
Production Label: Nippon Columbia Co. Ltd.

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   Side A
1The Wrestler's Theme (I) (3:34)
2Honō no Fighter (Part 1) (Antonio Inoki Theme) (3:17)
3Arawashi yo Tobe (Seiji Sakaguchi Theme) (3:19)
4Dragon Night (Tatsumi Fujinami Theme) (3:11)
5Omae wa Tora ni Nare (Tiger Mask Theme) (3:25)
6Mōko no Koroshiya (Killer Khan Theme) (2:35)

   Side B
1The King of New York (Bob Backlund Theme) (3:18)
2Kizu Darake no Cowboy (Stan Hansen Theme) (3:33)
3Lonely (The Butcher Theme) (3:31)
4Giant Rhapsody (Andre the Giant Theme) (3:12)
5Rock 'N' Roll Clasher Man (Hulk Hogan Theme) (2:55)
6The Wrestler's Theme (II) (2:32)

Total Length: 38:22
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