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Released: 2010-01-28
Production Code:
Production Label: WWE Music Group

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   Disc 1
1The Legacy – It's A New Day (3:04)
2Dolph Ziggler – I Am Perfection (3:19)
3The Miz – I Came To Play (4:57)
4Christian – Just Close Your Eyes (4:31)
5Bret Hart – Return The Hitman (5:37)
6Sheamus – Written In My Face (3:33)
7Tiffany – Insatiable (3:10)
8Ezekiel Jackson – Domination (4:17)
9Evan Bourne – Born To Win (4:17)
10Primo – Oh Puerto Rico (3:32)
11Zack Ryder – Radio (4:02)
12The Hart Dynasty – New Foundation (3:32)
13The Bella Twins – You Can Look (But You Can’t Touch) (3:47)
14Big Show/Chris Jericho – Crank The Walls Down (3:07)

Total Length: 54:45
   Notes: This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media (Amazon.com)

  10 out of 10, This is an amazing CD, 21 Jul 2010
  Reviewed by: Jacobs (2)
I rate this CD a 10 although I have one grip about the CD although it isn't a big deal. So lets start.

Every track on this CD is listenable. This has to be one of the best released WWE has ever come up with it. I can pop this into my stereo system and know I won't have to worry about having to get back up to skip a track. Every track here is at least ok. A favorite track is undiagnosable due to every song being so cool.

Well that is it for this review. I don't think anymore can be said about this. Do more releases like this WWE.

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