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Released: 2009-11
Production Code: DR1109 / PM1109
Production Label: Cherry Lane Music Publishing

Buy Online: Not for Retail
   Disc 1
1The Time Is Now - John Cena (3:00)
2I Won't Do What You Tell Me - Stone Cold (3:04)
3The Game - HHH feat. Motorhead (3:35)
4Holla - Kelly Kelly (3:21)
5It's A New Day - Legacy feat. Adelitas Way (3:08)
6You Can Look - The Bella Twins feat. Kim Sozzi (3:20)
7Radio - Zach Ryder (4:06)
8I'm Comin' - MVP feat. Silk The Shocker (3:37)
9S.O.S. - Kofi Kingston feat. Collie Buddz (3:35)
10I Walk Alone - Batista feat. Saliva (4:11)
11Pourquoi? - Maryse (3:39)
12Voices - Randy Orton feat. Rich Luzzi of Rev Theory (3:26)
13Domination - Ezekiel Jackson (4:19)
14This Fire Burns - CM Punk feat. Killswitch Engage (3:09)
15Born To Win - Evan Bourne feat. A Mutiny Within (4:17)
16Priceless - Priceless (3:44)

Total Length: 57:31
   Notes: "Zach" & "Silk" [sic]

  10 out of 10, Great CD, some great new tracks, 21 Dec 2009
  Reviewed by: Indisposed (1)
A must buy for any wrestling theme fan. Three words can describe this CD : WOO WOO WOO!

  9 out of 10, One to buy, 18 Dec 2009
  Reviewed by: volume (1)
I wish there was away to get this in full :(

  10 out of 10, Epic CD! Zack Ryder's theme seals the deal for me., 15 Dec 2009
  Reviewed by: Matt_Original (1)
As a huge Zack Ryder fan, this would be a must buy for his theme alone. But with his theme, we get great stand alone songs like "It's a New Day", "Born to Win", "Priceless", "This Fire Burns", and "Voices". Not to mention the catchy "You Can Look" and "Domination". You also have classics like Steve Austin's theme and Triple H's signature "The Game". I really hope this makes it way to iTunes or retail. Normally I wouldn't purchase a wrestling theme CD, but I would defiantly pick this up

  10 out of 10, Awesome CD, a must have!, 15 Dec 2009
  Reviewed by: BenPhoenix (1)
Amazing compilation.
With the great classics, and the 5 new previously unreleased themes this is a must have for any theme collector or WWE fan.

  8 out of 10, Only 2 tracks on there that are unreleased.., 13 Dec 2009
  Reviewed by: Aero (2)
Still, even though it only has 2 tracks that have been previously unreleased, This would be a very good CD to actually release. Too bad its only promotion for all those "Higher Ups" And Close Executives.. or whatever they are called "Members?" I dont know.

I hope one day just to have those 2 tracks. But for now, Edits will do.

  10 out of 10, Overall, a tremendous compilation CD., 13 Dec 2009
  Reviewed by: NMMan (1)
Any serious WWE theme collector will instantly notice this promo disc for the 5 currently-unreleased tracks that it contains: "It's A New Day" used by Legacy, "You Can Look" used by The Bella Twins, "Radio" used by Zack Ryder, "Domination" used by Ezekiel Jackson and "Born To Win" used by Evan Bourne. 2009 was somewhat of a golden age for WWE theme songs, with several extremely catchy tracks like these that were composed. I'm sure that these great songs (plus "Written In My Face" used by Sheamus and "I Am Perfection used by Dolph Ziggler) will see an official release in the future, which will be an automatic buy for me.

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