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Released: 2002-03-26
Production Code: CT 85211
Production Label: Smackdown Records / Columbia

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   Side 1
1Drowning Pool The Game Triple H's Theme (3:28)
2Kid Rock Legs Stacy Kiebler's Theme (4:52)
3Creed Young Grow Old (4:43)
4Disturbed Glass Shatters Stone Cold Steve Austin's Theme (3:54)
5Limp Bizkit Rollin' [Dead Man Mix] Undertaker's Theme (3:33)
6Our Lady Peace Whatever Chris Benoit's Theme (3:53)
7Rob Zombie Never Gonna Stop [The Black Cat Crossing Mix] Edge's Theme (3:40)
8Breaking Point One of a Kind Rob Van Dam's Theme (3:28)
9Marilyn Manson The Beautiful People (The WWF Remix) Smackdown Theme (4:16)

   Side 2
1The Union Underground Across The Nation Raw Theme (3:00)
2Sevendust Break The Walls Down Chris Jericho's Theme (3:15)
3Saliva Turn The Tables Dudley Boyz' Theme (4:21)
4Monster Magnet Live For The Moment Hardy Boyz' Theme (4:59)
5Stereomud End Of Everything Raven's Theme (3:27)
6Neurotica Ride Of Your Life (3:38)
7Cypress Hill Just Another Victim Tazz's Theme (4:14)
8Dope No Chance Mr. McMahon's Theme (4:01)
9Boy Hits Car LoveFuryPassionEnergy Lita's Theme (4:41)

Total Length: 71:23
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