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Released: 2009-05-08
Production Code: VPCC-81628
Production Label: VAP Inc.

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   Disc 1
1Pro-Wrestling NOAH Theme "The Theme Of Pro-Wrestling NOAH" (2004 Version) (3:20)
2Mitsuharu Misawa "Spartan X" (2009 Version) (3:26)
3Naomichi Marufuji "Hysteric" (3:25)
4Go Shiozaki "Keep On Going" (2:27)
5Akira Taue "Eclipse" (2:21)
6Takeshi Morishima "Burning Through The Night" (4:38)
7Tournament, League Entrance Theme "The Voyage" (2:21)
8Yoshinobu Kanemaru "Maximum (Version 2.1)" (2:34)
9Kotaro Suzuki "Senritsu no Blue" (4:04)
10Akitoshi Saito "Deathtiny ~ Shinigami no Shukumei" (3:10)
11Tsuyoshi Kikuchi "Hinotama Kozo ~ Again" (3:30)
12Mohammed Yone "Mohammed 1200" (5:11)
13Kenta Kobashi "Grand Sword" (3:42)
14Jun Akiyama "Sternness" (2:47)
15GHC Theme "Global Honored Crown" (2:26)

Total Length: 49:22
   Notes: Includes Mitsuharu Misawa sticker

  7 out of 10, Fight for Freshness, 27 May 2009
  Reviewed by: WM_Jon (6) AOL Instant Messenger
This would be a good collection for someone who doesn't have any NOAH CDs, as it has many of the major theme songs in great quality, and the older albums go out of print. However, the new item price tag was disappointing for me when the only new content is the one track: "Spartan X" (2009 Version). I would gladly welcome covers of Takeshi Rikio ("A Passage In Time"), Takashi Sugiura ("When Love Comes to Town"), Bison Smith ("Rime of the Ancient Mariner"), or ROH gaijins over tracks that have been released multiple times.

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