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Released: 1999-07-26
Production Code: MOSH 228 CD
Production Label: Concrete / Earache

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   Disc 1
1Harry Slash & The Slashtones - This Is Extreme (2:30)
2White Zombie - El Phantasmo and the Chicken Run Blast-O-Rama (Wine, Women & Song Mix) (3:57)
3Kilgore - Walk (4:58)
4Megadeth - Trust (ECW Instrumental Mix) (5:28)
5Bruce Dickinson - The Zoo (6:02)
6Motörhead - Enter Sandman (5:12)
7Cathedral - Freedom (5:05)
8Anthrax - Phantom Lord (4:30)
9Tres Diablos - Heard It On The X (2:54)
10Monster Magnet - Kick Out The Jams (2:34)
11Morbid Angel - Prayer Of Hatred (4:29)
12Iron Monkey - Supagorgonizer (4:01)

Total Length: 51:40
  9 out of 10, Awesome album one of the best in my wrestling col., 13 Apr 2008
  Reviewed by: leelethal (6)
I have both of the ECW Extreme music albums even thogh this version is very good the original with the sandman on the front is better as it as huka blues sabus theme and big balls balls mahoneys theme which arent featured in this version for whatever reason they have been replaced by prayer of hatred and supagorgonizer so even though this is still an awesome collection to own all of the songs ECW released on CD you need to by this album twice over.

  8 out of 10, Very nice CD which is just a litle bit to short!, 26 Jul 2007
  Reviewed by: TooXCess (3)
This was the first ECW CD i ever owned and I loved it from Day 1. I really like most of the tracks on this CD and my favorites are the White Zombie Track, Motörheads Version of Enter Sandman and The Zoo by Bruce Dickinson.

The reason why I don't give it an higher Rating is, that I find the CD a little bit to short. It should have featured some more tracks, especially Themes of Wrestlers who where currently working for ECW like Tazz (Path of Rage), Tommy Dreamer (Man in the Box) and so on.

But like I said those tracks rock and it just fits ECW's Attitude. If you like rock music and/or if you are an ECW Fan you should not longer think about this one and just buy it.

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