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Released: 1999-11-16
Production Code: TBCD 1353
Production Label: Tommy Boy Music

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   Disc 1
1DJ Ran Mayhem Mega Mix "Make Some Noise" (1:11)
2WCW Monday Nitro Theme (Purity "Adrenaline V.1") (0:29)
3Insane Clown Posse "Take It" (3:20)
4Slayer "Here Comes The Pain" (4:25)
5Goldberg Theme "Invasion" (1:09)
6Megadeth "Crush'em" (New Goldberg Theme) (3:12)
7Macho Man Randy Savage Theme "What Up Mach" (0:54)
8Kid Rock "Blast" (2:29)
9Diamond Dallas Page Theme "Self High Five" (0:54)
10Primer 55 "Loose" (3:02)
11Sting Theme (1:16)
12Metallica "Seek and Destroy" Live (7:02)
13Buff Bagwell Theme "Buff Daddy" (1:11)
14Limp Bizkit featuring Everlast "Faith" Remix (3:30)
15Hulk Hogan "American Made" (1:17)
16Lyrical Giants "Bone Crusher" (4:11)
17"Got Him in the Corner" (0:16)
18Ruff Ryders featuring Drag-On, Jadakiss, Eve & Styles "Pay Per View" (4:10)
19Big Punisher & Fat Joe "Make The Crowd Roar" (3:34)
20Kevin Nash / Wolfpac Theme (1:02)
21Cypress Hill & Defari "Fist Full" (3:22)
22"Count That Man Out" (0:11)
23Screwball "Give It Up" (3:46)
24Konnan Theme featuring Madd-One "Bow, wow, wow" (2:11)
25"Rap Is Crap" Curt Hennig & The West Texas Rednecks (1:47)
26The Nitro Girls "Bailando" featuring Stephanie Marano (1:29)

Total Length: 61:20
   Notes: Bonus WCW Mayhem tattoo

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