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Released: 1996
Production Code: 4774
Production Label: Turner Music Publishing, Inc.

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   Disc 1
1American Males - American Males (2:38)
2Disco Inferno - Disco Fever (2:24)
3Public Enemy - We Like To Party (1:36)
4Jimmy Hart - We're Still Rocking (2:58)
5Alex Wright - Heartbeat Away (2:20)
6Nasty Boys - We're The Boys (1:40)
7Chris Jericho - California Sun (2:22)
8Diamond Dallas Page - Self High Five (3:21)
9Konan - Konan's Theme (1:49)
10Taskmaster - Taskmaster (2:30)

Total Length: 23:38
   Notes: Sold only during the WCW Christmas Brawl 96 Tour in Germany and for World Of Wrestling fan club members in Germany

  7 out of 10, One of the best CDs WCW ever released! Buy it!, 3 May 2007
  Reviewed by: TooXCess (3)
This is my first review for this page. At first a small sorry for any misspellings but english is not my first language. :-)

I like that CD and in my opinion it's one of the best ones WCW ever released. My favorite songs are:

* American Males
* California Sun
* Self High Five ...and
* We Like To Party

Other tracks like the Disco Inferno or Nasty Boys Theme are nice too. I even like the Taskmaster one, it's simple but cool.

Those who watched and enjoyed WCW in 1995/1996 should just go out and buy it. It will bring back a lot of memories! :-)

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