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Released: 2007-11-27
Production Code: TNA-154
Production Label: TNA Knockout Music, LLC

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   Disc 1
1Latin American Xchange (To Live And Die In LAX) (2:32)
2Petey Williams (Canadian Destroyer) (2:05)
3Motor City Machineguns (1967) (2:21)
4Black Reign (Black Reign Theme) (2:04)
5Kurt Angle (Gold Metal) (2:47)
6"Wildcat" Chris Harris (We Find The Defendants Guilty) (2:05)
7Jay Lethal (Pomp and Circumstance/Black Machismo Remix) (1:51)
8Frankie Kazarian (Kaz) (1:55)
9Lance Hoyt (Valor) (2:01)
10"Cowboy" James Storm (Sorry About Your Damn Luck) (3:13)
11Pacman Jones (He's Back) (1:12)
12Voodoo Kin Mafia (In My House) (1:13)
13Sonjay Dutt (Guru) (1:58)
14Team 3D (Watch Out, Watch Out) (2:05)
15Tomko (Screwed) (2:11)
16Christopher Daniels (Wings Of A Fallen Angel) (2:16)
17Frank Wycheck (God Check) (2:28)
18Judas Mesias (Avé Vampire) (2:26)
19iMPACT Theme (1:55)
20Duelin' Dales (Slammiversary '07) * (2:02)

Total Length: 42:40
   Notes: * Bonus Track

  8 out of 10, Overall a pretty good album with interesting songs, 24 May 2009
  Reviewed by: PaddyDragon23 (35)
Good like the 1st 3 Albums TNA released. Although there some boring tracks on it, it's still worth buying it and all I can say is Dale Oliver is a master of covering mainstream songs, which mostly turns out pretty good like we see with this album and his Originals are also pretty good too.

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