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Released: 1980
Production Code: K25A-18
Production Label: King Record Co., Ltd.

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   Side A
1TV Asahi Sports Theme (0:31)
2Western Lariat (Stan Hansen Theme) (3:30)
3Saber Tiger (Tiger Jeet Singh Theme) (3:37)
4American Dream (Dusty Rhodes Theme) (3:28)
5Giant Press (Andre The Giant Theme) (3:24)
6Big Challenger (Ryuma Go Theme) (2:57)
7Honō no Fighter (Part 1) (Antonio Inoki Theme) (2:38)

   Side B
1Backlund Straight (Bob Backlund Theme) (3:06)
2Dragon Suplex (Tatsumi Fujinami Theme) (3:10)
3Strong Hug (Strong Kobayashi Theme) (3:46)
4Beautiful Flight (Kengo Kimura Theme) (2:40)
5Power Hall (Riki Choshu Theme) (3:02)
6Blue Impulse (Osamu Kido Theme) (2:49)
7Moeyo Arawashi (Seiji Sakaguchi Theme) (3:47)

Total Length: 42:25
   Notes: "The Wrestler" collage poster included

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