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Released: 2014-08-11
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1The Undertaker Theme (Rest in Peace) [From "WWE"] (3:16)
2John Cena Theme (The Time Is Now) [Instrumental] (2:56)
3Roman Reigns Theme (The Truth Reigns) [From "WWE"] (1:08)
4Dean Ambrose Theme (Retaliation) [From "WWE"] (1:06)
5D-Generation X Theme (Are You Ready / Break It Down) [DX Theme] (2:01)
6Stone Cold Steve Austin Theme (I Won't Do What You Tell Me) [From "WWE"] (0:45)
7Triple H Theme (The Game) [From "WWE"] (0:33)
8Hulk Hogan Theme (Real American) [From "WWE"] (2:41)
9Kurt Angle Theme (Medal) [From "WWE"] (2:51)
10Bret Hart Theme (Return the Hitman) [From "WWE"] (1:06)
11Bill Goldberg Theme (Who's Next?) [From "WWE"] (3:18)
12Finlay Theme (Lambeg) [From "WWE"] (2:10)
13Alex Riley Theme (Say It to My Face) [From "WWE"] (0:38)
14We Own It (Royal Rumble 2014 Theme) [From "Fast & Furious 6"] (1:06)
15The Usos Theme (So Close Now) [From "WWE"] (2:49)
16Basic Thuganomics (John Cena Theme) [Instrumental] (3:14)
17R-Truth Theme (What's Up?) [From "WWE"] (3:14)
18The Shield Theme (Special Op) [From "WWE"] (1:08)

Total Length: 36:00
   Notes: Music by TV Theme Tune Factory

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