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Released: 2002-06-21
Production Code: BNCL-1003
Production Label: Bad News Records

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   Disc 1
1Iraq Invasion Document
2Antonio Inoki Biography (boyhood, Brazil immigration eds)
3Antonio Inoki Biography (Iraq hostage release eds)
4Beginning of the End
5Iraq Invasion Document (DJ Yas Remix)
6Newspaper that writes Kawachi Ondo "Unification Ondo" [Live] *

   Disc 2
1Voice of Peace
2Newspaper that writes Kawachi Ondo "Iraq Peace Ondo"
3Arabic Music
4Unaccompanied And Newspapers that writes Kawachi Ondo "Iraq Tour"
5Unaccompanied And Newspapers that writes Kawachi Ondo "Invasion of Iraq Documents"
6Iraq International Conference Hall Before Children
7Newspaper that writes Kawachi Ondo "Peace Festival Launch Ondo"

   Notes: *Bonus track

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