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> Home > NJPW > Digital Download > Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling "STRONG STYLE SIDE"
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Released: 2014-03-15
Production Label: NJPW

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1Tetsuya Naito's Theme 「STARDUST」- KAZSIN (4:36)
2Karl Anderson's Theme 「The Machine Gun」- NJPW (4:01)
3Captain New Japan's Theme 「where are you from?」- NJPW (4:06)
4Alex Koslov's Theme 「RUSSIAN STRIKE」- NJPW (3:24)
5Shelton Benjamin's Theme 「X」- NJPW (4:03)
6Alex Shelley's Theme 「NEXT GO ROUND」- NJPW (3:03)
7Kazuchika Okada's Theme 「Rain Maker -20130104-」- NJPW (3:18)
8Kyosuke Mikami's Theme 「Roughness」- NJPW (4:51)
9Toru Yano's Theme 「intoxication?」- NJPW (3:32)
10Sho Tanaka's Theme 「The first star」- NJPW (3:05)
11Yohei Komatsu's Theme 「Resolution」- NJPW (2:35)
12Intercontinental - NJPW (0:25)

Total Length: 40:59
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