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Released: 1985
Production Code: RNLP 068
Production Label: Rhino Records

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   Side A
1Wrestlers Just Wanna Bust Heads - Shell Shock Shannon and his Hollywood Manglers (2:43)
2The Body Rules - Jesse "The Body" Ventura (3:39)
3Pencil Neck Geek - Fred Blassie (3:27)
4Son Of A Gypsy Man - "Boogie Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant (1:33)
5Samoan To The Bone - Tau "The Destroyin' Samoan" Logo (2:46)
6Captain Lou - NRBQ w/ Captain Lou Albano (2:32)
7Breakin' Bones - "Exotic" Adrian Street (2:17)

   Side B
1I Like To Hurt People - Johnny Legend (2:57)
2Trouble - Jerry "The King" Lawler (2:15)
3The Crusher - The Novas (2:00)
4Who Will Dispute The Genius Of Lou Albano - The Foreign Objects (1:41)
5Imagine What I Could Do To You - "Exotic" Adrian Street (2:14)
6King Of Men - Fred Blassie (3:13)

Total Length: 33:17
  8 out of 10, Great vinyl of its time, 15 Feb 2007
  Reviewed by: WM_Craig (10)
With a fantastic 13 tracks on this 1985 vinyl this is certainly great for that time.
You have some brilliant such as "Trouble" by Lawler, "The Body Rules" by Ventura, "Son Of A Gypsy Man" by Valiant but those are nothing compared to "Imagine What I Could Do To You" by Adrian Street.

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