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> Home > WWE > Audiobook CD > Have a Nice Day! A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks
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Released: 2000-11-01
Production Code: CD 3119
Production Label: Harper Audio

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   Disc 1
1Intro / "I was eighteen in the fall of 1983..." (6:34)
2"Most of the card was forgettable, or maybe I was just exhausted..." (1:51)
3"In December 1983, I knew what I wanted to do with my life..." (7:58)
4"I got home from school that summer & immediately made the legend of Frank Foley a priority..." (3:45)
5"In March 1985 my dad called me with exciting news..." (7:40)
6"Dominic wasn't an easy guy to impress..." (11:46)
7"I ran into Vince McMahon, the CEO of the World Wrestling Federation in the gym..." (6:45)
8"During my senior year in college, a time when most guys are having the time of their lives..." (7:55)
9"In August of 1988 I headed to Tennessee..." (8:14)

   Disc 2
1"I went home to New York For a visit with my family..." (7:49)
2"I healed up for month then headed to Alabama..." (0:42)
3"The Center Stage was like a whole new world..." (8:32)
4"One of my first independent matches after my WCW exit was..." (6:03)
5"I had wrestled independently for the past fourteen months..." (3:51)
6"Diamond Dallas Page was another one of my favorite guys..." (8:15)
7"On Febuary 20th, 1992 I became a father..." (4:26)
8"'Ding Dong, the witch is dead!', came the voice over the telephone..." (5:57)
9"The return match was a scary, eerie night..." (3:52)
10"I convalesced at home..." (2:55)
11"I returned against Vader at Halloween Havoc in 1993..." (1:15)
12"'The Foley family welcomed Noelle Margaret in to the world..." (9:01)
13"Leaving a six-figure job is not an easy decision to make..." (1:45)
14"I arrived at the ECW arena at the end of September..." (3:12)

   Disc 3
1"I flew to Tokyo in style..." (3:57)
2"The next few months in 1995 seemed to blend together..." (10:20)
3"Later that week I was summoned to ECW headquarters..." (2:05)
4"About this time I received a call from the WWF..." (8:53)
5"I continued wrestling in ECW & Japan for the next few weeks..." (2:25)
6"I was nervous about my first WWF taping..." (2:56)
7"Other momentous matches followed..." (8:36)
8"I picked up the ringing phone on an early September morning..." (6:41)
9"Of the Pay-Per-Views I've been a part of, I consider 'Mind Games..." (22:08)

Total Length: 198:04
   Notes: Read by Mick Foley

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